Tips for booking a hotel

1. Find your perfect location. We all know the saying Location! Location! Location! Nothing ruins a vacation than being in the wrong location. This then means added transportation costs and frustrations. If we’re in a city, we love to walk outdoor and be surrounded by Cafes, parks, culture, and restaurants. We prefer to be able to walk places safely and this may include coming home after dinner from a restaurant. Start by doing searches for, “best areas to stay,” in your selected city. You’ll likely come across blogs telling you about the popular areas of the city, be sure to read them in-depth paying particular attention to amenities, safety and the vibe of each neighborhood. Discovering a location you love is key to finding your perfect hotel.

2. Check accommodation suggestions depending on your pocket. One may decide to check in at a luxurious, medium or budget hotel, depends on one’s pocket. i.e. If you want a thorough view of the Stone town in one of the Coastal Islands of East Africa, Zanzibar. There are luxurious hotels like The Star of the Sea, Essque Zalu hotels, Medium hotels like My blue hotel, Royal Zanzibar Beach and Budget hotels like  Mnarani beach cottages and the Z hotel which still give a spectacular view of the same.

3. Read reviews and get a place with high-quality reviews. Look for a very in-depth review discussing the pros and cons of a given hotel. Read across the reviews you might come across a common problem. If so, has it been addressed by the host? This is another sign of a good host if they reply to the reviews particularly the negative ones. Reviews, although not #1 on this list, are extremely important. My friends garage door repair Little Rock company excels because it has so many good reviews. They are a big influence in buying decisions, with almost the same power as a word of mouth referral.

4. Read the rules! While you’re at it, definitely don’t forget to read the rules! Hopefully, there will be no major surprises but then again you never know what you might find there. We’ve come across places that have extremely strict noise rules like Please do not make noise from 2-4 PM. Are you a smoker? Perhaps there are strict smoking rules for outdoor spaces. We advise you to read the rules before you check-in.

5. Ask questions and check the response time. Even if the description is incredibly detailed we always try to ask a question to the host before booking. We find asking a question in advance is a good indication of how helpful and responsive a host will be.

Choosing the best hotel and accommodation for the night is the first step to having a wonderful holiday. I hope that you will make the right choice after reading this, and have the perfect holiday experience.


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