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Traveling is an activity that is almost inevitable today. This is due to the fact that the world is now a global village due to how easy it is to communicate across countries and continents as well as the fact that it is now very easy to move between them. If you are looking for a reason to travel, then one or more of these reasons could easily make you become a regular traveler.


The fact that companies now have branches in a lot of countries, as well as an international collaboration between companies, could result in the need to embark on a journey. Such a journey could be towards attending a monthly, yearly or emergency meeting. It could also be to discuss with the executives of another company on the need for a partnership or progress on an existing partnership among others. Business travels could also sometimes come up due to the need to open a branch of a company in another city, country or continent. During such trips, there are chances you will have some time for fun when you can go on sightseeing or any interesting activities in that city.


As we finish primary school, high school, universities or change jobs or other associations, chances are that the events of life will take us far. However, when we have developed cherished bonds during those periods, we would want to see our ex-colleagues and friend from time to time. A union could be fixed in a different city and you would have to travel to attend one.


People who work in corporate environments as well as other jobs including being self-employed, sometimes have a period of leave. This is when they are exempted from work for a period of time (usually a month), to rest. Such people often take such an opportunity to take a vacation that often involves traveling. They journey to another city or country where they can completely forget about work to relax and catch fun.


People travel for reasons that include sightseeing, visiting places they love to see and have never been to among other reasons. Such journeys will also include engaging in activities like taking a cruise and excursion to learn more about the city they have traveled to.


When you are adventurous, you will sometimes want to travel to other cities and countries for this purpose. Such adventures could include mountain climbing, cycling, trekking and ice skating among others. When the environment for the adventure you want to involve in is not around you, you will want to travel. Even when they are around you, you might also want to visit a new location. Sometimes, you just want to get away from working at your boring job.


Traveling is a very healthy and fun activity that allows you to see the world, expand your business and catch fun. There are also several reasons that could require you to travel, sometimes out of choice and others for work purposes. Irrespective of the reason, traveling can be fun, interesting and an activity to look forward to.…

Medical tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism, Because it combines entertainment, enjoyment and recreation, as well as disposal of various health problems, which makes it a destination for many people, especially the elderly and those suffering from incurable diseases; In the coming lines we will discuss with you the most important therapeutic tourism destinations in the world and the secret of each region.


India is a country that relies on medical tourism as one of the most important sectors of tourism, India is keen to provide facilities, facilities and service centers that support this idea to provide health care to patients visiting India; India is an excellent destination for patients who do not have much money and seek treatment, It is one of the best countries to provide health services, which also enjoys a beautiful and attractive landscapes.

India has recently adopted the development of the medical sector and the services provided in it so that the patient has a measure of well-being and enjoyment, Hospitals there provide transportation and airport transfers, Meals are served by skilled cooks and Wi-Fi services are available, and they operate on a fast time frame so no patient is left on the waiting list.


Classified by the World Health Organization as the best provider of health services in Latin America. Brazil has more than 40 hospitals accredited by JCI, and doctors and surgeons in Brazil are well known.

Brazil has become one of the most important countries to provide luxury medical services, especially those related to cosmetic operations, It has been ranked third in terms of Countries that receive patients after the United States and China, It offers affordable surgeries and also has many scenic attractions that can be used for a healing period full of beauty and relaxation.


Malaysia has been awarded first place in the International Medical Travel Magazine Award for Health and Medical Tourism Destination Category 2015 and 2016, Malaysia is characterized by low prices of medical services, and also provides patients with 5-star services, as hospitals there divided into hotel suites and swimming pools where water treatment services are provided.


Thailand, with its unique beaches and beaches, is not only a destination for leisure and recreation but also an excellent medical tourism destination. It has the largest number of internationally accredited hospitals in Southeast Asia and thousands of people travel for medical services, especially dental and cosmetic services. According to the latest statistics, Thailand receives more than 400,000 medical tourists per year apart from other types of tourism.

Thailand’s cultural diversity, the beauty of nature, and the natural healing centers of Thai massage are among the reasons that encourage patients to recover there.


Turkey is also one of the most distinguished medical destinations and is a strong competitor in the medical tourism market. It offers travelers discounted rates for airline tickets and travel costs, as well as very reasonable prices for medical services. Especially in areas of illicit organ transplantation in many Arab countries, radiotherapy for cancer patients, bone and brain surgery, neurosurgery and genomic medicine.


From countries with a great cultural and heritage diversity, which is famous for its delicious cuisine and distinctive taste, what we do not know about Mexico is that it is a very important destination for therapeutic tourism in the world. It has about 98 hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health and seven hospitals accredited by JCI, known for the quality of medical services related to dental surgery and plastic surgery.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the countries that have been experiencing major economic problems and have begun to rebalance them recently, Medical tourism seems to be one of the most important pillars on which Costa Rica has relied on to rebuild the economy, And has already managed to occupy a good position in plastic surgery and dental surgery more than Canada and the United States.


The most famous center for kidney transplantation in Asia and many other medical services, all of which are offered at very reasonable prices compared to the prices of the United States of America, also known as difficult surgeries, especially those for children, the first liver transplant was performed for an Asian child in Taiwan at Zhangjiagang Memorial Hospital.

South Korea

From highly developed countries to medical services, Using the latest and most advanced technology, It has highly trained medical staff and provides medical services in a luxurious and luxurious package, The hospitals provide each patient with a large room with two beds with facilities, As well as a computer for personal use, and South Korea provides the best insurance system for tourists, which is conducive people to travel there to carry out medical procedures.


One of the world’s most advanced countries in the medical field and ranked first in health care according to the classification of the World Health Organization for Asian countries, Singapore is ranked among the top 50 most efficient health service providers in 2014 out of 50 countries according to Bloomberg. Medical tourism is one of the competitive areas in which countries compete to invest, many countries have achieved excellent positions in this area preceded by the United States and China.

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